Barcelona snapshots

Prof. Raül Andero

Raül Andero psychiatrist Controversias Psiquiatry Barcelona
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Chairman Round Table 5: Violence-Induced Psychopathology: Victimization and Stress
Dates September 7-9, 2020


2003: BS in Clinical Psychology. Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain).

2005: MSc in Psychobiology. Autonomous University of Barcelona. Mentor: Margalida Coll, PhD. Autonomous University of Barcelona, School of Psychology.

2010: PhD in Neuroscience. Doctoral Extraordinary Prize. Autonomous University of Barcelona. Mentor: Antonio Armario, PhD. Autonomous University of Barcelona, School of Biosciences.

2011: Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Advisor: Kerry Ressler, MD, PhD. Emory University, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Atlanta, GA, USA.

2014: Ramón y Cajal Investigator (Declined for a position at Harvard). MINECO, Spain.

2015: Instructor in Psychiatry (Faculty position). McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, MA, USA.

Since 2016: Ramón y Cajal Investigator – Group Leader (Tenure-Track Faculty Position). MINECO, Spain; Institute of Neurosciences, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

2018 – 2020: FENS Programme Officer for FENS Forum 2020 in Glasgow.

Since 2019: Extraordinary Lecturer. Department of Early Childhood Education, Faculty of Education, University of Pretoria (South Africa).