Barcelona snapshots

Prof. Catherine Belzung

Catherine Belzung psychiatrist Controversias Psiquiatry Barcelona
Université de Tours, France
Talk Mechanisms underlying antidepressant-resistance in depression
Date Friday, April 26th, 2019
Time 14:30 to 15:15
Round Table Treatment-resistance in affective disorders


Catherine Belzung is the chair of the Inserm research unit "Imaging and Brain" (iBrain, UMR 1253, Tours, France), a multidisciplinary Research Center integrating research in Psychiatry (mainly focusing on autism spectrum disorders and on treatment - resistant depression), studies in cellular/molecular neurosciences and investigations aimed to develop new technologies for diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders (as methodologies relying on radiopharmaceuticals). She is full Professor in Neurosciences, and senior member of the prestigious "Institut Universitaire de France". Her research focuses on preclinical models of depression, with a focus and hippocampal neurogenesis, antidepressant resistance, and more recently, neurostimulation techniques. She is member of several panel (for example ERC Starting Grant) and editorial board of various journals (Behavioural Pharmacology, Neuropharmacology). She authored 175 publications in international peer reviewed journals.