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Prof. Brenda WJH Penninx

Brenda WJH Penninx psiquiatra Controversies Psiquiatria Barcelona
Vrije Universiteit, Països Baixos
Ponència Transmissió intergeneracional de l'estrès i la resiliència<
Data Dijous, 16 de Setembre, 2021
Hora 16:15 - 17:00
Taula rodona 1. Ansietat i trastorns relacionats amb l'estrès


Penninx is Professor at the Department of Psychiatry of the Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit in the Netherlands. Her focus is on cross-disciplinary mental health research which integrates psychiatry, psychology, neuroimaging, genomics, psychoneuroendocrinology, sociology and behavioural medicine. Early in my career she realized that large, well-phenotyped longitudinal studies are crucial to understand how genetic vulnerability and life experiences interplay in determining a person's risk to develop and maintain stress-related mental disorders. This was the stimulus for founding the multi-site, longitudinal Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety (, an invaluable research resource for psychiatry which so far yielded >68 PhD-theses and >600 publications. She recently co-initiated the MARIO study that follows high-risk children and young adults in their stress and psychopathology patterns during life ( My work is exemplary in transforming and enhancing the value of longitudinal cohort studies to better understand the multi-nature origin and longitudinal trajectories of stress-related disorders. She currently supervises 4 Assistant Professors, 6 Post-doc fellows, and 20 PhD students. Over 50 PhD students obtained their PhD-degree under her supervision. In 2016, she was elected member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences and Arts.