Barcelona snapshots

Prof. David Bueno

David Bueno psychiatrist Controversias Psiquiatry Barcelona
Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Chairman Table: Understanding violence and aggression
Date Thursday, May 14th, 2020
Time 16:45 to 19:00


David Bueno is a Doctor of Biology, professor and researcher in the Biomedical, Evolutionary and Development Genetics Section and director of the UB-EDU1ST Chair of Neuroeducation at the University of Barcelona. His professional and academic career, focused on the genetics of development and neuroscience and his relationship with human behavior, especially applied to educational and learning processes, has developed mainly in Barcelona. He has also been a researcher at the University of Oxford, and has made stays at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg (Germany). He teaches various subjects in the field of genetics, scientific dissemination and teacher training, and participates in various Masters and Postgraduate degrees in neuroeducation. He has published sixty scientific articles in specialized journals and is the author of eighteen essay and dissemination books. He is also the author or co-author of thirty textbooks on primary, secondary, high school and university studies, and regularly collaborates in different media, where he has written more than 600 articles. He has also contributed to various encyclopedic works, and collaborates in radio and television programs. In 2010 he won the European Prize for Scientific Dissemination, in 2018 the Teaching Prize for his contribution to neuroeducation, and in 2019 the Distinction of the UB Doctors Cloister for his contribution to scientific dissemination. He has participated and participates in various educational reflection and innovation projects promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia, and for 12 years he has been the coordinator of the subject of Biology of the University Access Tests in Catalonia, where he has promoted the change of traditional memorial questions for reflection and analysis questions in real contexts.