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Prof. Seena Fazel

Seena Fazel psiquiatra Controversias Psiquiatria Barcelona
University of Oxford, Regne Unit
Ponència La contribució de la psicosi a la violència
Dates 31 Agost - 2 Setembre, 2020
Taula rodona 2 Violència i Agressió en els Trastorns del Neurodesenvolupament i Psicòtics


Seena Fazel is Professor of Forensic Psychiatry at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow in Clinical Science, and honorary consultant forensic psychiatrist for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. He works clinically in a local prison. His main research interests are on suicidal behaviour in prisoners, mental health of prisoners, and risk assessment in criminal justice and mental health.


In this presentation, I will summarise evidence on the association between psychosis and violence with emphasis on high quality designs and replicated findings. Relative risks are increased for all violent outcomes in schizophrenia-spectrum disorders and bipolar disorder with elevated odds in the range of 2-5 after adjustment for familial and other sources of confounding. Absolute rates of violent crime over 5 years after diagnosis are around 10% in men with schizophrenia, which are lower in men with bipolar disorder, and typically 1-3% in women with these diagnoses. Past criminality and comorbid substance misuse are strongly predictive of future violence, and a range of other background, clinical and treatment factors have been replicated. Based on the risk factor research, I will discuss the potential role for standardized assessment of violence risk in general psychiatric and first episode psychosis services, and summarise the evidence behind commonly used tools, including a new scalable online risk calculator, OxMIV.